Ängsbacka is always open for your support through donations.
Small and large, are equally welcome!

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Ängsbacka is living proof that anything is possible when people come together to support a shared vision. During the pandemic this campaign played an invaluable role in Ängsbacka getting through a very challenging time. Thanks to countless people we are now able to step into a brighter future for our beloved meeting place than we ever dared to dream of back in 2020!

There are many ways to show your appreciation for Ängsbacka, donating is just one of them! Below you find different ways to engage as a donor. AIl the donations through this campaign are supporting Ängsbacka as a whole and contribute to us being able to keep sharing this place with new and returning friends all year round.

If you are looking to donate to a specific aspect of Ängsbacka, such as upgraded volunteer accommodation, a fruit tree for the garden, solar panels or something completely different – the sky’s the limit – please do not hesitate to get in touch via info@angsbacka.se

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Ängsbacka is a sacred focal point bringing people to the realization of whom and what we really are beyond all thoughts and concepts.

We are an internationally renowned source of inspiration; exploring how human beings together consciously can create the life they desire on earth, and demonstrating paths to sustainable development, wellbeing, and harmony.

We realize and sustain our vision through;

  • Openhearted communication and sharing, based on honesty and acceptance
  • Practices that encourage self-awareness and personal growth
  • Cultivating a thriving and fruitful cooperation with the local community of Molkom
  • Involving our members in the growth and development of Ängsbacka
  • Consciously creating a life of presence, creativity and respect for all life on earth


Ängsbacka was initially a privately owned business – bought by a few people with a strong vision to create a place for sustainable human development and personal growth. We believe that these visions and the work of the Ängsbacka pioneers continues to support us until today!

Since 1997, when the first festival took place, thousands of people have been touched by the warm, open, loving atmosphere during workshops, courses, retreats, festivals and visits here at Ängsbacka. To many Ängsbacka has become like a second home and a source of inspiration. Hundreds of people have lived and worked here for shorter or longer periods and contributed with time, money, work and above all put their heart into creating what we today can share and enjoy here.