We are finding ourselves in a very serious position where we may not survive without your help. Any financial donation you can make will help us enormously.

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To all of you, our global Ängsbacka family.

It is with a soft heart that we write this message to you. Our message to you right now is a call for help to support Ängsbacka’s survival in the months to come. In these times of social distancing, where our possibilities to physically travel and connect with others is limited, we reach out with a reminder of our deeper connection to the vision of Ängsbacka.

For a moment, take your mind and your memories back to Ängsbacka. A home away from home, the physical place where you can connect so deeply with other souls; a place where you can come home to yourself. Maybe this was where you discovered your true self, where your life moved from fear to grace and lightness. So many of us can say that by coming here, our lives truly changed – and from that moment on chose to live life with more authenticity and openness.

We invite you to sit with these memories and reflect on what Ängsbacka means to you personally and collectively. Remember the festivals and courses you have attended, the roller coaster of emotions and experiences, the joy and the laughter. ‘Remember your Joy!

As we are all aware, around the world people and businesses are struggling, and we are no exception. In bringing courses, retreats and festivals to the world, Ängsbacka relies on people being able to move freely and come together with others to explore what it is to be alive in all its majesty. Many of the courses scheduled this spring have been cancelled or will have their participant numbers drastically reduced. Our Yoga & Dance Easter Festival, which would have opened the festival season of 2020 will not be taking place this year. We have been able to reschedule the Sacred Womb Festival to new dates in August which we are very happy about. With the current national ban on larger events, we are forced to prepare for our amazing summer ahead of us, with an awareness that things may look very different than what we had expected.

The situation has had an enormous impact on our financial wellbeing and our ability, to preserve Ängsbacka as a meeting place, is heavily threatened. We are now finding ourselves in a very serious position where we may not survive without help.

This is where you, our wonderful and cherished Ängsbacka family come in. We know you might be struggling too, and our hearts go out to you. Any financial donation you can make will help us enormously. However little or much you donate will be received with love and gratitude. By donating you are actively contributing to the survival of Ängsbacka as we know it today. You are investing in a future where more people can have the opportunity to discover more of themselves, create joyful memories, and take part in the service for the awakening of mankind here at Ängsbacka.

Please share this donation campaign with all of your friends, family, brothers, sisters, and any other social networks you can think of, with a short text or video of what Ängsbacka means to you.

As one family we can come together to save this place we all call home!

Much love and appreciation,

Ida Freyschuss



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Frequently asked questions about the crowdfunding and our financial situation

How much money needs to be raised to save Ängsbacka from going down, is it even possible?

Anything is possible! Ängsbacka is a huge ‘ship’ to keep afloat and we depend entirely on successful festivals in the summer to finance the rest of the year. Because cancelled events in the spring our income has been heavily reduced and we now need 1 200 000 SEK to cover our costs for the next few months.

So Ängsbacka is struggling financially, what has already been done to cut the costs?

Since a while back we only buy what we absolutely need. In addition we are lucky to have a bunch of super creative people on site (and in our network) looking into and already manifesting great ways to minimize our use of energy. Less inspiring, but non the less entirely necessary, has been (and will continuously be) to minimize the paid members of staff to the bare minimum. Naturally this, letting people go from their work, is a heartbreaking process where we really get to practice compassion, transparency and collaboration. Some will be challenged with big changes in their personal situation. We are doing our best to support each other, and this goes a long way, but does not pay the bills in the end. In parallel we are looking into alternative ways to generate income for Ängsbacka by using resources we already have access to. The theme that is forming and showing itself in all our actions now is an increase in awareness of the importance to implement sustainable solutions. We hope to move even beyond sustainability and build resilience and a thriving Ängsbacka harmonising with nature and the global community that we are a part of.

Is it safe to book a ticket for the summer festivals in August, given the situation?

Right now (2020-04) we would not be able to run our festivals and nobody knows how this situation will develop, still we are very much planning to host most of the summer festivals this year as you might have seen in our recent launch of the unique August 2020 festival concept. Offering these events depend on the current restrictions being lifted, which we hope will be the case in August. In addition to the festivals we are aiming to offer some alternative ways for you to stay in touch with, or visit us also in the months leading up to August. Stay tuned for more info! If you invest in a ticket already now you are supporting us in the rigorous preparations for the upcoming events and signalling that you long to meet again – just like we do!

So what happens if the restrictions are still there in August?

In the worst, worst case scenario, we end up not being able to run any of our summer events this year. If so, we will consider moving all current registrations to next year instead and we will of course also offer the option to fully refund your ticket. Either way, this scenario would certainly have a big financial impact, therefore alternatives with the aim to further support Ängsbacka would be presented to you. 

Leading up to the event you will have the possibility to cancel your participation until the day before the event starts and we intend that our cancellation policy will support a safe festival for those who actually join by putting emphasis on personal responsibility for health precautions. We also made our policy a bit more generous at this time by not requesting a doctor’s note to enable late cancellations (last 14 days before an event). Details for cancellation.

Can I contribute to the crowdfunding by becoming a member of the association?

No, unfortunately not since Ängsbacka is a limited company owned by a member’s organisation and the association and the limited company manage and report their finances separately.

If you anyway want to support by becoming a member you contact member@angsbacka.se and make your initial donation of a minimum of 1000 SEK according to the instructions from Cristina (our association administrator). To show your full support for Ängsbacka we would suggest that you make your donation and become a member as well.

If you have other questions that are not answered above, feel free to contact us at rememberyourjoy@angsbacka.se


Ängsbacka is a sacred focal point bringing people to the realization of whom and what we really are beyond all thoughts and concepts.

We are an internationally renowned source of inspiration; exploring how human beings together consciously can create the life they desire on earth, and demonstrating paths to sustainable development, wellbeing, and harmony.

We realize and sustain our vision through;

  • Openhearted communication and sharing, based on honesty and acceptance
  • Practices that encourage self-awareness and personal growth
  • Cultivating a thriving and fruitful cooperation with the local community of Molkom
  • Involving our members in the growth and development of Ängsbacka
  • Consciously creating a life of presence, creativity and respect for all life on earth


Ängsbacka was initially a privately owned business – bought by a few people with a strong vision to create a place for sustainable human development and personal growth. We believe that these visions and the work of the Ängsbacka pioneers continues to support us until today!

Since 1997, when the first festival took place, thousands of people have been touched by the warm, open, loving atmosphere during workshops, courses, retreats, festivals and visits here at Ängsbacka. To many Ängsbacka has become like a second home and a source of inspiration. Hundreds of people have lived and worked here for shorter or longer periods and contributed with time, money, work and above all put their heart into creating what we today can share and enjoy here.